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LPB11 Green Butterfly Valve

LPB11 Green Butterfly Valve

Product Details:


Product Description

Design Standard :

Valve body is designed to meet ISO 5752

Upper Flange Standard :

  • 24'' and below valve mounting flange and stem shall be per ISO 5211.
  • 28'' and below valve mounting flange and shall be per ISO 5211, stem shall be round keyed.

Flange Standard:

  • LPB11: GB 9113.1, ANSI 150 B16.5, JIS B2211.
  • All wafers have locating holes for ease of installation.

Pressure Rating:

  • Bi-directional bubble-tight shut off to: 16 bar(230psi)-DN40~DN600mm
  • 10 bar(150psi)--DN650~DN1000mm
  • And tested to 110% of full rating: 18 bar(260psi)-DN40~DN600mm
  • 11 bar(160psi)-DN650~DN1000mm